A true entrepreneur believes that he can accomplish whatever he believes in.  Has a drive to win and reach his goals no matter what sacrifices he has to make along the way.  Works harder than everyone else because he knows that while everyone else is sleeping he can be putting in extra hours to gain his edge.

No matter what “failures” entrepreneurs face, they believe that their next idea/project/business is going to make it big and be successful.  They really internalize that their failures are real life learning experiences and that they are now better off because of these real lessons learned.  An entrepreneur surrounds himself with smarter people than himself, and takes the responsibility upon himself to be the captain and direct the ship across uncharted ocean water.

These above traits and core values of an entrepreneur define my views on life in business.   An article I really like is called 25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs.  Those who share this passion with me will understand these views and guiding principles in business.