Jonathan Goudy – The One And Only

By May 10, 2012Funny

Here is a self portrait of my good friend Jon Goudy. He is also known as Jonathan, J-Money, Balla, Lakers legend, belmont lady killer, Provo heartbreaker, baseball big gamer, anti-facebooker, health nut, seo tool, and lastly, but not least, STUD!!!!  Jon has been working at for almost 5 months now. He enjoys jogging/running, organic raw food, working out, reading, Provo dating, and long walks on the beach.

Jonathan Goudy hat-boy the meme - Jon Goudy

Dan Richey, Tyler Tucker, and Travis Brown are all team members with Jon and enjoy working together at It has been a fun almost 5 months working together. Credit to this awesome meme goes to Travis Brown.

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